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Hashim Jamal

Hi, I am Hashim Jamal, a web strategist, working for 22 Feet Communications in Bangalore. I love everything digital and love websites and optimizing (SEO) it.

Hashim Jamal's Bio:

- Digital Analytics - Expert in Link Building Strategies - Consultant in On-Page SEO Suggestions - Handful of experience and strategist in building website traffic - Interested in giving advises and tips in SEO - On-site client support - Creating and updating Title, Meta tags, Content for website - Optimizing HTML tags, folder names, page names & descriptions to improve search engines ability to index these pages - Analyzing Link Popularity - Planning strategies depends on the website status. - Blog Optimization Expert - Social Media Pro... Specialties: 1) Help a client achieve their online marketing goals through Search Engine Optimization 2) Strategize SEO initiatives for client website 3) Analyze the progress of your site using various analytical and webmaster tools 4) Analyse a website from an SEO and Technical perspective 5) Communicate with Clients and Update them on the progress of their project 6) Website Architecture 7) On-site client support 8) SEO Adviser 9) Digital Analytics

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digital analytics, seo, search marketing, blogging, sports, internet marketing, web development

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